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Guide to Renewing your Membership

1. Log in to the AWS website

2. Click the "Renew Now" button or Click on your name to access your profile.

3. On your profile, scroll down to the Membership Details. If your membership is due for renewal, click on the "Renew to ..." button.

4.  AWS offers several membership levels:

  • General: Individual membership
  • International & Alumni: Membership for members who have moved away
  • Senior: Members aged 60+
  • Spouse/Partner: Couples Membership - add your spouse/partner!

If you have already received your invoice to renew, you may have trouble changing your membership level.  You can email or and let us know what membership level you need, and your renewal invoice will be updated for the proper membership level.

5. Ensure your personal information is correct. Update anything that needs to be changed or added. You can upload a photo of yourself and provide a short biography if you would like to.

6. Your profile contains several consents that need to be reviewed and accepted to be a member of AWS. These consents are about GDPR, allowing AWS to process your membership and contact information, and acceptance of AWS by-laws, code of conduct, and activity waivers. 

AWS also requests some non-identify-able demographic information to assist the club in gathering statistics.

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