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Who are we?

AWSurrey International Women’s Group is a vibrant community of women from around the globe, united by their temporary homes in Cobham and the wider Surrey area. Our mission is to foster meaningful connections and support philanthropic efforts locally and globally. Established 49 years ago as the 'American Wives of Surrey' to assist American women with children at the International School in Cobham (now ACS International School Cobham), we've since evolved to embrace a diverse expat community representing over thirty nationalities from six continents. Today, we continue to serve the international community in Cobham and beyond, enriching lives through friendship and charitable endeavors.

What do we do?

We offer a warm, inclusive, and welcoming environment that values kindness and respect. Our support for new, established, and alumni expat women includes:

  • Monthly General Meetings: Reconnect with old friends and meet new expat arrivals.
  • Action-Packed Social Calendar: Enjoy fun and informative events from September to June, building friendships that last a lifetime.
  • Organized Travel Opportunities: Explore the world with fully planned trips led by a professional travel leader.
  • Philanthropic Engagement: Raise funds for local charities through our annual Gift Fayre fundraiser and participate in initiatives that make a global impact on women and children’s lives through FAWCO.
  • Secure and Respectful Environments: Engage in both in-person and online spaces that adhere to U.K. privacy laws, free from self-promotion, sales, and multi-level marketing (MLM) intrusions.
Join us to experience a supportive community that empowers women to thrive, make lifelong connections, and contribute to meaningful causes.

Our Heart

Philanthropy is the beating heart of the AWSurrey International Women's Group, and we take immense pride in our contributions. Our annual Gift Fayre stands as the cornerstone of our fundraising efforts, allowing us to support two local charities over a two-year period. This sustained support makes a significant difference in the lives of local families. Additionally, our annual FAWCO contribution extends our impact globally, benefiting women and children worldwide. In 2019/20 alone, we raised over £30,000, and to date, our club has proudly amassed over £780,000 in donations.

Our Future

Celebrating our 45th anniversary in 2020 marked a significant milestone, and we continue to look ahead with a clear vision. Our long-term goal remains to empower and support international expat women residing in Cobham and the wider Surrey area. We are committed to addressing the needs of our local membership community, ensuring we remain relevant and sustainable for years to come. By evolving with the times, we aim to consistently provide a supportive and dynamic environment for our members.

Member Benefits

We're delighted to welcome you! Whether you're at the start of your expat journey or a seasoned traveler, we're thrilled to have you with us.

Exclusive Experiences: Immerse yourself in English life with our curated activities. Join groups that keep you engaged and entertained, including Hiking, London Art Gallery Tours, Book with a View (our book club), Pub Club, Best of Britain, London Calling, Let's Go!, and many more!

Valuable Resources: Each year, the AWSurrey International Women’s Group publishes a highly anticipated guidebook for our members. If you're new to the area and seeking contacts for the many services needed to establish your family in Surrey, this guidebook is an essential resource packed with useful information.

Connected Friendships: Instantly connect with a larger group of women, all united by the shared adventure of living abroad. Build lasting friendships and create unforgettable memories together.

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