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AWS Terms & Conditions of Membership

I agree to abide by the By laws and Operating Procedures as defined by the Governing Board for The American Women of Surrey. Participation in the Club's activities, classes and crèche is voluntary and solely at the participant's risk. You agree to indemnify AWS for any injury or inconvenience that may occur at any AWS meeting, activity, class, social event, or informal gathering organized by its members.

Please refer to the AWS Privacy Policy.

AWS Photo Release
As a member of AWS, I hereby agree to allow photographs, videos and likeness of me to be used in print and online materials designed for the news and American Women of Surrey (AWS) publicity. Furthermore, I am aware that some photos may be taken at events which include family members, my minor children and friends. I release all claims against AWS with respect to copyright ownership and publication including any claim for compensation related to use of the materials. AWS will obtain my explicit permission on each and every occasion it wishes to associate my name with a photograph in a print publication not owned by AWS or an online site not administered by AWS.

AWS provides the membership with various activities and events throughout the calendar year. Some activities require payment and signups. It is the sole responsibility of the members to secure their own signup and payment as needed and agree that confirmation to the activity/event will not be valid until payment has been accepted and approved via online payment, check or cash, based on the sign-up requirements necessary. Paid activity/event (including charity event) sign ups are not refundable. You may resell your spot, but only to another member or via a waitlist, if available. A refund is not possible.

You agree and confirm that you understand that the AWS, the American Women of Surrey and the AWS Logo, the membership directory, the AWS Annual Guide Book and all AWS Newsletters are for the private use of its members and are NOT to be used for commercial, political, religious purpose or otherwise, and cannot be distributed by any members to non-members electronically or in hard copy.

By clicking above, I acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree to the foregoing terms of membership and usage of www.awsurrey.org.
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