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Our Heart
Philanthropy is the core of AWS International Women's Group. Our charities make a huge difference in the lives of local people in need. Through them, we present our members with the opportunity to truly make an immediate and lasting difference in a world that desperately needs these acts of kindness. Our members love knowing that their kindness is helping other immediately. They also love knowing that their efforts will continue to have an lasting impact long after they leave.

Over £725,000 Raised
We have donated over £725,000 since 1981. We are incredibly proud of our hard work, our dedication, and our hearts. We are passionate, we are dedicated, and we love moving mountains. One charity at a time.

Over 150 Charities
We have supported over 150 local charities over the years. Some of our charities have helped support those suffering from homelessness, domestic violence, and physical and/or mental illness, to name just a few. Our biggest annual fundraiser is our Gift Fayre. This event is massive, super popular and takes hundreds of volunteers. Our Holiday Homes Tour each December is another big fundraiser as well. Together, these fundraisers help us support our current charity slate. Every year in June, we invite our Charities to join us for our June meeting where we present them with the checks.

We are Unstoppable.
As a group, we are hugely successful at helping others because of you; our outstanding volunteers. If you are new to AWS International Women's Group, we need your help with our Annual Gift Fayre & our Holiday Home House Tour. These two events are where we raise the bulk of our money we donate to our Charities. We already know you will love the experience, the belly laughs, the friendships, and the knowledge you will make such a direct difference in the lives of those in need.

To Become a Volunteer
For more information about volunteering, please contact Ami Kratt and/or Céleste Olson at:

Some of our past charities have written to thank the AWS for their contribution to the many worthwhile projects and unsung heroes of Surrey. Click here to read in full.
Besides our current charity slate, we support a number of other organisations and institutions in the area. One of these is MyTime Epsom, formerly St. Ebba's, a service for adults with learning disabilities and a wide range of other disorders. For many years, AWS have held a holiday party here every December. Check the Calendar for details, or email to see how you can get involved.

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