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Your login was created when you joined AWS. Members who joined before September 2012 may have single word login names or an email address as their login names. The login for members who joined since September 2012 is the email address that you used on your membership application form.

The password was selected when you completed the membership application form. Some members may have also changed their password since they joined. Passwords contain at least 4 numbers or letters.

If you have trouble logging into the website, please use the form below to reset the password. Resetting the password means that a random new password is assigned to your login. An email with the new password is sent to the email address that is saved in your account. You can use that new password to login and change the password to something that is more personal and easier to remember.

In order to use the password reset form, type either your login name or email address, then click the Reset password button.

If the password reset form does not find a valid account that matches your login name or email address, please send an email to one of the following people who can provide more assistance:
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