New to Surrey & the UK?

Welcome to beautiful Surrey, England! Here are a number of resources to help you get set up and settled. We're here to help, so let us know if you have any questions: the welcoming team is ready to assist!

Top things to take care of immediately:

  1. Set up a bank account
  2. If you don't have housing sorted, find a place to live
  3. Set up utilities
    • Internet Access
    • Mobile / Cell Phones
    • Telephone Service
    • Cable / Satellite TV
  4. Register at the NHS
  5. Join AWS International Woman's Group

Useful Resources for Recent Arrivals:

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About the group

The American Women of Surrey (AWS), International Women's Group,  is a not-for-profit club founded in 1975 to provide a welcoming atmosphere for expatriates and their families living in Surrey. We offer social, cultural and philanthropic opportunities for our 230+ members representing more than 30 nationalities.


VP Welcoming:

VP Membership:


AWS International Women's Group
P.O. Box 170
Cobham, Surrey
KT11 2YJ

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