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We're Here to Help
Our incredible Board of Directors know how to get things done. If you have a question, this team of powerhouses can help so please reach out to them today.

VP Welcoming
Are you a brand new Expat with a question? Please email Melissa Simson and/or Nina Camacho at:

VP Membership
Are you struggling with your login or would like to help a new member get started? Please email Tiffani Hutchens and/or Morgen Carroll at:

VP Communications
Do you have a problem with emails, social media or any of our communications? Please contact Ada Jarvis at:

Gift Fayre
For more information about advertising, becoming a vendor, attending or volunteering at our Annual Holiday Gift Fayre, please contact Ami Kratt and/or CĂ©leste Olson at:

VP Activities
Do you have a question about classes, activities and clubs within AWS? Please contact Amanda Phillipson at:

VP Programs
Do you know someone you think should be a speaker and/or a vendor at our monthly meetings? Please contact:

VP Business Manager
Do you know someone who should be advertising with us? Please email Angie Gooch at:

VP Charity
Do you have a question about the charities we support? Please contact Terry Richardson and/or Ami Kratt at:

VP Information Technology
Do you need help with our website? Please contact Shantha at:

If you have a question that can only be answered by our President, please contact Rebecca at:

Our Mailing Address
AWS International Women's Group
P.O. Box 170
Cobham, Surrey KT!! 2YJ

Join us on October 15th, 2019 for our next general meeting.

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