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Applications for 2018/2019 is now CLOSED.

To Apply for our Charity Slate
Please see criteria below. Applications must be completed and submitted by April 1, 2018. Our committee will then begin the vetting process and final decisions will be made in May by the AWS Board. If the committee has additional questions about your charity someone will contact you in person. Please be as thorough as possible when filling out the application, and click submit when finished. Contact us here if you have any questions.

Criteria for Charity Recipients
The charity must be registered with the Charities Commission or be an NHS charitable trust.
The charity must be located in the UK and its work must benefit the residents of Surrey.
The charity must not be sponsored by a political or religious organization.
Preference will be given to charities that derive their income from voluntary contributions rather than those that derive a large portion of their income from fees and/or tuition.
The money donated must be earmarked for specific purposes and not allocated to general overhead costs such as salaries, rent and administrative expenses.
Local charities may receive funds for up to two consecutive years, but each charity must resubmit an application and be reviewed along with each nominated charity.

Additional Information and/or Inquiries
If you have any questions, please email the VP of Charities at: Additionally, please feel free to send along items such as annual reports, budgets, financial statements, and/or news articles related to your charity if you feel that will help us during our vetting process.

[1] Name of AWS member who suggested you apply (required)
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[4] AWS member's relationship, if any, with the nominated charity
[5] Name of charity (required)
[6] Address of charity (required)
[7] Contact person's name and title within charity (required)
[8] Contact person's email address (required)
[9] Contact person's phone number (required)
[10] Website of charity
[11] Please describe the work undertaken by the charity (required)
[12] Income of charity (required)
[13] Potential AWS projects (required)
How can AWS help your organization? Our donations cannot be used for general expenses so please list possible projects and expected associated costs.
[14] Sources of your funding (required)
[15] What percentage, if any, of the charity's income is derived from fees and/or tuition? (required)
[16] How many members of staff are in charity? (required)
[17] Does your organization have religious or political affiliations? (required)
If so, what are they?
[18] Does your charity benefit Surrey? (required)
If so, how?
[19] Has AWS previously donated funds to your charity? (required)
If so, when?
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